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Aiming to help our clients simplify their processes and approach to modern commerce.

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About Our Business

We work closely with organizations who not only understand the growth opportunities that new technology brings, but also the risks associated with not adapting to the ways their customers are making their decisions elsewhere. We not only aim to adapt to the current climate, but want to discover problems along the way that allow us to innovate and branch out into new areas. There are always many to be discovered.

Our Story

Hey! My name is Isaac. In 2019, my wife Hailey and I founded Hi Digital Partners at a time where brands were rapidly trying to shift how they sell their products and services.

Along the way, we realized the need for innovation in the areas we were helping our clients adapt to, pushing us to reshape our services to what they are today.

We build niche offerings and tools for organizations seeking to understand how new tech and digital innovation fits into their overall growth strategy.

Stephen PankratzFounder of the Upseat
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"I really enjoy working with the Hi Digital team. We have seen a direct correlation between the digital strategies they have formulated and executed with our team and our online sales increasing."
Nicole MortimerFounder of ZippyJamz
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"The team takes the time to understand you, your brand, your customers and your values. Their content is super engaging, authentic, witty and meaningful across all platforms. They also know how to connect and reply to customers just like I would - they are definitely a valued member of our team."

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